What Time-consuming Tasks Do Commission Agents Do On A Daily Basis?

Time-consuming Tasks Commission Agents Do On A Daily Basis A commission agent doing his daily business in the mandi.

Commission agents (aadathiyas) are key players in the mandi ecosystem. The job of a commission agent may look simple on paper – buy and sell commodities, make profits,  and record everything. In reality, they interact with multiple customers and suppliers every day. Keeping track of payments and inventories is a huge task. To really appreciate the work involved, let’s take a look at the commission agent’s daily activities. 

On a day-to-day basis, the commission agent oversees the arrival and unloading of trucks filled with commodities. When he sells these commodities, he has to create bills for the suppliers. Similarly, he has to maintain records in his ledgers and make bills for all his customers too. Since payments are not made immediately, he has to keep track of the money he has to give or receive from his customers and suppliers. On top of everything, he has to track his inventory too. And this is just for one company. Imagine the work that’s involved in doing this for multiple companies. Plus we have not even considered the costs involved in running a business and managing the staff. 

Now let’s come to daily bookkeeping. This is a full-time job for most commission agents and it’s prone to human error. Plus, traditional bookkeeping methods aren’t an ideal solution. Maintaining books in physical form is risky as it can be easily misplaced, or damaged by water, fire or even termites. Next comes mandi software which is downloaded onto computer systems. Unfortunately, computers can be stolen or destroyed, or simply suffer system crashes. This too can lead to loss of data. 

All these activities leave very little time for the commission agent to take a break. Even from a professional point of view, he is too busy to focus on business expansion. And even if he does, new business ventures come with the same amount of work.

If you felt exhausted reading this, you can understand how a commission agent feels at the end of the day. This is why Bijak, India’s No. 1 Agritrading App came out with ChargeERP. ChargeERP is an online accounting solution unlike any other. Just as the name suggests, it intends to charge up the commission agent’s life!

Here are just a few of the brilliant benefits provided by ChargeERP:

Saves time

ChargeERP is online accounting software that cuts down accounting time by 90% as all the calculations are automated. All the agent has to do is input the data. 

Easy to use

The software is designed for ease of use, and the agent does not have to be an accounting or technical expert to work on it. It’s easy to master and a pleasure to use. 

Data security

The commission agent never has to worry about data security thanks to end to end encryption and cloud storage. Only he will be able to view his data. 

Access from anywhere

Since ChargeERP is an online accounting software, the agent can access it from anywhere. Therefore he does not have to be physically present in the mandi to look into his accounts. 

Collaborate easily 

ChargeERP allows agents to remotely collaborate with their teams and work on multiple projects at the same time. Plus the agents can also view the work done by them. 

Download and WhatsApp bills and reports

The accounting platform generates bills and reports at the click of a button. Plus, thanks to WhatsApp integration, he can receive these on his phone and send them right away to his suppliers, customers, and business partners. 

Regional language support

The ChargeERP platform is currently available in both Hindi and English. In the future, it will be available in more Indian languages. Plus everything from the free demo to technical support is available in the commission agent’s language of preference.  

If you are a commission agent on the lookout for a simple, world-class level accounting platform at pocket-friendly rates? Then please book your free demo right away by dialing +91 9311341199 or log into www.chargeerp.com and get ready to charge up your life!