What Is Stopping Small Businesses From Using Accounting Software?

Why small businesses need to start using accounting software It's time for small businesses to start using accounting software.

Whether small or medium-sized, accounting is an essential part of any business. Now, it seems old-fashioned to maintain your business figures in a paper ledger. Unfortunately, one of the aspects holding down small businesses is their fear of depending on technology. Not just this, there are many more reasons why they are not ready to leave their age-old inefficient accounting methods. 

What is stopping small businesses from using accounting software?

Cost concerns

Many small businesses are not likely to spend on accounting software due to its perceived high cost. They think they can manage with manual record-keeping or on spreadsheets. But, they end up either creating tons of paperwork or hiring an accountant and spending even more money. Spreadsheets might seem easy to use at the start, but as you keep on adding data into it, they are likely to get out of hand.

The fact is, not every accounting software is expensive. With some good research, you can easily find cloud-based accounting solutions which are economical and effective. ChargeERP is a great example of a reasonably priced agri-trading software where you only have to pay a minimal amount for a year-long subscription.  

Software training

The vast majority of small business owners are non-technical when it comes to understanding the functionalities of accounting software. They believe that they may have to undergo training in using the software. They also fear that the training may cost them extra time, effort, and money, and they end up not going for any. 

Truth is, nowadays so many accounting solutions are available with a highly intuitive interface and simple terminologies that anyone can master.  

Customer Support

No matter which accounting software you choose, a lack of customer support can be frustrating. Human interaction is important, especially when dealing with software as delicate as accounting. This is one of the reasons why people hesitate to choose accounting software for their businesses. 

On the other hand, platforms like ChargeERP meant for agri-traders only, provide exceptional support to their customers. Their customer support team is specially trained to help anyone with everything within their power. You can contact ChargeERP’s customer support team for accounting solution-related queries at +91-9311341199.

Language barrier

India is a multilingual country with over 22 official languages as per census 2020. One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face in adopting accounting software is the language. Most of the users, especially from tier-II and tier-III want their accounting software to be in their native language. Apart from the language barrier, rural small and medium enterprise owners require hand-holding at every step. It is only possible with outstanding customer support. 

Luckily, ChargeERP can be availed in multiple languages and is known to offer outstanding customer support.

Knowing what’s right 

The toughest part is knowing which accounting software is right for your business. Even if a business decides to switch to a reputed software, the chances are it might not resonate with their specific business requirements. And once they have committed to one software, it’s a huge effort to switch. There’s no guarantee if the new one is going to work for them or not.  

Risks of data loss 

When you use any accounting software, your data solely lives on your computer’s or laptop’s server. If a natural disaster strikes or if your laptop takes a tumble, your data can be lost forever. This is why we recommend going for cloud-based accounting solutions such as ChargeERP. ChargeERP is the latest innovation in the agricultural accounting sector that stores data on the cloud. Integrated with end-to-end encryption, it is highly secure and can be used by commission agents or agri-traders. 

We hope this article will convince you enough to stop worrying and start switching to online accounting solutions as they are quick, convenient, and secure. If you are looking forward to knowing more about ChargeERP, visit their website www.chargeerp.com or dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo with them.