How is Cloud-Based Accounting Helping Indian Agri-Traders?

How Cloud-based accounting helps Indian agri traders Cloud-based accounting helps Indian agri traders

Many small and medium-sized businesses are turning to cloud-based solutions for their accounting needs. The agricultural business is no exception to it. Cloud accounting allows agri-traders to plan, manage and analyze trading-related finance in one place. Agri-traders or commission agents prefer using it as it allows them to create reports and bills automatically and access them remotely. 

Accounting is crucial for agricultural businesses, and using a cloud-based solution can revolutionize the industry. Unlike traditional accounting, cloud-based accounting is also not affected by situations like having your laptop or computer stolen or destroyed by natural disasters. With this, the system’s hard drive will no longer be the central hub of storing all the data, as accounting will be handled on the cloud. 

How is cloud-based accounting a better option for agri-traders?

World-Class Security

Believe it or not, cloud-based accounting is the most secure way of storing an agri traders’ financial data. The service providers ensure that the data is end-to-end encrypted and not accessible to anyone other than its user. Also, to ensure air-tight security and privacy, cloud-based accounting software keeps on updating itself with security updates.  

Real-Time Entries & Updates

With cloud-based technology, agricultural traders can make their daily sales and purchase entries anytime and from any location. They can always get an up-to-date view of their current financial situation to make better-informed decisions about their business. 

Easy & Economical

Cost and the ease of operation is the major concern for an agri-trader such as commission agent when opting for an accounting solution for their trading business. Cloud-based accounting solutions are less costly and less complicated as compared to traditional ones. Cloud-based platforms are mostly user-friendly and can easily be operated by any employee of a company, not just the accountants. 

Also, cloud accounting software involves a dedicated technical support team to guide a user wherever they feel stuck in their accounting work. Charge ERP is a reputed name in the area of cloud-based accounting solutions. It is known for offering a clean, simple, and cost-effective accounting solution for everyday Mandi trading. Users can opt for a free demo, even before purchasing this Mandi accounting solution.

Designed For Your Business

Adapting to any accounting software is another challenge faced by an agriculture trading agent. Cloud-based solutions on the other hand can integrate add-ons to be a part of your business. An accounting solution like Charge ERP is dedicatedly designed for agricultural businesses, especially for commission agents. It has a user-friendly interface and agriculture trade-specific terms anyone can master.

Manage Finances & Users

One of the major advantages of using cloud-based accounting solutions is that they can manage your finances most effectively. In platforms like Charge ERP, commission agents can create entries as soon as goods have arrived, create bills as they sell them, and access reports of what they buy and sell in a day. Cloud-based solutions also allow commission agents to maintain a record of all the users operating on their accounts and control their activities.       

Helps Maintain Relationships

In an agritrade business, commission agents need to maintain relationships with their suppliers and buyers. Cloud-based accounting solutions play an important role here as well. Commission agents can easily locate bills and reports, identify outstanding payments of customers/suppliers and keep a log of all the items they deal in. These solutions also ensure your financials are up-to-date for making your tax filing easier.

Charge ERP is a smart cloud-based accounting solution specially designed for agri-traders or commission agents. It will prove to be a cost-effective solution to switch from the traditional ways of book-keeping and accounting. To know more, sign up at or dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo today!