7 Reasons Why ChargeERP Is The Most User-Friendly Accounting Platform For Agritraders

ChargeERP - accounting platform for agritraders ChargeERP - The most user-friendly accounting platform for agritraders

Mandi accounting software is a brilliant alternative to traditional bookkeeping, especially during this pandemic when face-to-face interactions are filled with risks. However, most agri traders still have some apprehensions when it comes to adopting digital technology. They find it too technical or complex at times, and most traders just don’t have the time to spare. 

ChargeERP is the new mandi accounting software in the market. However, there are a few things that make it perfect for any agri trader, even if they are not technical or accounting experts. If you are a commission agent or a mandi trader, please read on to see why it’s a great choice for you:

1. Easy signup process

There is no download involved with ChargeERP. Just sign up on the website using your mobile number and OTP and start working on it. All you need is a good internet connection and you can begin. 

2. Available in regional languages

ChargeERP is available in multiple regional languages other than English. Plus mandi-specific terms that agri traders use on a day-to-day basis have been used throughout. This way, you can use it in the language you are most comfortable in. Right now, ChargeERP is available in both English and Hindi, but it’ll be available in other Indian languages very soon. 

3. Elegant design

ChargeERP has a simple, clean design that makes it a pleasure to work on. Different aspects of mandi accounting are cleverly sectioned. This way, you do not feel overwhelmed while overseeing the accounting processes of your various companies. 

4. Data security 

ChargeERP is a cloud-based accounting software. Traditional bookkeeping involves physical ledgers that have to be protected from the elements or from natural calamities. Similarly,  accounting software downloaded onto computer systems are only as safe as the systems they are on. On the other hand, all the data you enter on the ChargeERP website is stored on the cloud. Plus, all the stored data is secured with end-to-end encryption and can only be accessed by you. 

5. Free demo booking

We understand that everyone is not a technical expert. Therefore we have made it easy for you to book a free demo session with our ChargeERP experts by submitting your details on www.chargeerp.com. Our experts will fix up a time that is convenient for you and take you through the complete website. Language is not a barrier since our experts speak multiple languages. 

6. Accessible technical support

It is natural to have queries while working on any accounting software. Therefore we have made it easy for you to connect with our technical support team by dialing +91 9311341199 or by messaging them from the Help section on the website. Once again, language is not an issue since our support team speaks multiple languages.

7. Instructional videos

Our easy-to-understand instructional videos that are available in multiple languages make it easier for you to go over sections whenever you have doubts. You can find them on YouTube as well as on the Help section of our website. 

Our aim is to give you a complete accounting solution, and not something that will double your work. Therefore, we have taken into consideration simple things like regional languages and full-time support that make a world of difference. Please head to  http://www.chargeerp.com and make it a part of your life right away. Dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo today!