How Can Commission Agents Do Accounting From Home In The Time Of Corona?

Commission agent can do remote accounting Commission agent can do accounting from home with ChargeERP

The unexpected Covid-19 Pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, it became the biggest unexpected crisis of the 21st century. As the months passed by, it became apparent that it was a long-term threat to the health and economy of the world. The outbreak caused major disruption in the supply and demand chain across the country. With no actionable plan in sight, the highly cash-dependent agri market faced a situation that was marked by panic and huge losses. The challenges faced by aadathiyas or commission agents during this time were the non-availability of cash, lack of storage and transportation. These issues only got worse due to delays and disruption of supply and demand across the country.

The situation was also affected by the farmer’s crisis which sent a jolt to the slowly resurrecting agri economy. In such circumstances, the solutions that could be found, could only be found with the help of technology.

The Solution

This is where an accounting platform like ChargeERP brought great relief to the commission agents and merchants. The remote access feature enabled them to manage their tasks related to accounting, and the generation of bills and reports easily at home. Through the WhatsApp feature of ChargeERP, sharing bills and reports directly through WhatsApp became very easy.

ChargeERP accounting platform helped the users under such pressing circumstances keep track of every payment and transaction. It assisted the Arhatiyas coordinate better with their customers and suppliers who themselves were stuck amidst the crisis. With such clarity and cooperation offered by our sabzi mandi platform, the commission agents were given the much-needed respite. Even at home, they were able to easily collaborate with everyone who was needed for the transactions.

ChargeERP has always focussed on providing a solution that is holistic in approach and easy to implement. With several features that the accounting platform offers, it is not only making the bond with our valuable user base, a strong one, but it’s also helping us generate a user base that truly believes in us and our aspirations for them. We have committed ourselves to be with our users at every step in this time of crisis. 

ChargeERP is an advanced accounting platform helping Commission Agents and merchants all over India. To know more, sign up at or dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo today!