The Benefits Of Online Accounting For Traders In Mandis

online mandi accounting for agritraders Benefits of online mandi accounting for agritraders

Mandis have been long overdue for a digital makeover. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many mandi traders have started exploring online solutions for different aspects of their business. Due to the nature of the trade, physical interactions do happen. But accounting is one department that can be easily moved online without hindering business growth. 

Here are some of the key features offered by most online accounting software today:

  • Access from anywhere

Moving to online accounting software can help traders work remotely from home. All they need is a good internet connection and they can go online to access all the accounting material. Websites like ChargeERP can be accessed by their users from any laptop, computer, or smartphone.

  • Improved data security

In the case of online accounting, all the accounting data is stored on the Cloud and only the user can access it.  This is much safer than storing such data on a computer system since there is a risk of computer theft, system crashes, etc. 

  • Collaborate in real-time

Online accounting allows users to work side by side with others.  In the case of mandi traders, they can log in and work with their accounting teams and even business partners even when they are not on the mandi premises. 

  • Get updated regularly

Online accounting platforms like ChargeERP are constantly working on ways to make their platforms more user-friendly. This means that new features are added regularly. These get updated automatically for the user’s convenience. 

  • Get overview 

With online accounting, most traders can take a quick look at the overall financial status of their company through dashboards and daily reports.  Plus they can review all the activities of their teams as well as their business partners. This adds more transparency to the accounting processes. 

  • Professional looking bills

Most online accounting websites allow traders to download and print bills and reports in a professional format. This adds to the trader’s business image when sent to customers and suppliers. 

  • Synch with WhatsApp

ChargeERP has WhatsApp integration which allows the users to receive bills and reports over their mobile phone directly from the site. This makes it easier for them to send bills to their suppliers and customers while working from home or traveling. 

  • Get support

Most companies understand that traders and businessmen are not technical experts. Therefore they provide customer support. ChargeERP provides end-to-end customer support, starting with a free demo for those who sign up.

The main goal of online accounting software is to ensure smooth business operations while cutting back on in-person interactions. Digitization is the future for agritrade and online accounting is a step in the right direction. Please visit or dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo today.