How Is The Commission Agent Benefited By The Remote Access Feature Of ChargeERP

ChargeERP can be accessed from anywhere ChargeERP accounting platform can be accessed from anywhere

ChargeERP accounting platform is fast becoming a one-stop solution for all accounting and billing operations. We here at ChargeERP are trying hard to make accounting and billing an effortless process for commission agents and merchants all over India. This sabzi mandi accounting platform is equipped with various special features, which make day-to-day functioning on it a smooth process. Today, the feature that we are going to discuss is the remote access feature of ChargeERP.

So what is the remote access feature? 

The remote access feature lets the users access their ChargeERP account from anywhere. It allows them to make entries, manage accounts, share bills and reports with customers, suppliers, and business partners from anywhere at any time.

How is it useful for our users?

The remote access feature of ChargeERP has enabled the remote users to access relevant information and records on any device, or servers connected to the internet at any time. This has increased the efficiency and productivity of commission agents and has encouraged them to collaborate better with the customers, suppliers, and business partners. It has given our users freedom from limiting their work to the workplace.

In the last few months, the grueling situation of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns forced commission agents and merchants to manage their work from home. This special feature of ChargeERP became a lifesaver for them and allowed them to work remotely and manage all their accounting and billing tasks efficiently.

Apart from many such benefits, the remote access feature has even led to an increase in environment-friendly paperless transactions. It saves the user from managing numerous files and the unnecessary hassle of traveling for every small transaction, bill and report.

For decades, commission agents and merchants have remained alienated from the benefits of technology. Even today in this internet-driven world, they remain stagnant in technological terms. In such a scenario, a platform like ChargeERP has helped them greatly by offering them freedom of accessing and accounting from anywhere at any time. By opening up to technology and its benefits, these small commission agents and merchants are getting their share of exposure to this new development. Armed with this, these users have slowly begun to tread towards the highly competitive and technology-driven agricultural operation field of the western world.

ChargeERP is an advanced accounting platform helping Commission Agents and merchants all over India. To know more, sign up at or dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo today!