How Can Commission Agent’s Business Benefit From Using ChargeERP Software

ChargeERP perfect for Commission Agents ChargeERP has been perfectly designed to suit Commission Agent's business

ChargeERP is an accounting software that has been designed to address different aspects of a commission agent’s trade. It has multiple benefits that make it an ideal alternative to sabzi mandi software. Before we get to those, let us take a look at the main highlights.

Top 5 highlights of ChargeERP:

  1. It is currently available in Hindi and English and it will be available in multiple Indian languages soon. Therefore even those who are not fluent in English can use it with ease.
  2. It reduces the time spent on accounting activities by almost 90% since all the calculations are taken care of by the software. The user only needs to input the required data to get the final results.
  3. It’s easy to use and therefore doesn’t demand technical or accounting expertise from the user. The design too is clean and simple, thereby making daily accounting work a pleasant experience.
  4. It can be accessed from anywhere, from any device, even mobile phones. The user only needs a good internet connection and he can log into the site and do his tasks. 
  5. It provides superior data protection thanks to end to end encryption, collected data is safely stored on the cloud. This greatly reduces the risk of theft and loss of data. 

As you just saw, ChargeERP has left no stone unturned when it comes to making a user-friendly alternative to accounting software. But there’s more. There are some key benefits that make it particularly useful to commission agents working in mandis.

Things that commission agents can do on ChargeERP:

  1. Add multiple companies: With ChargeERP, the commission agent can shift his entire accounting operations online in a matter of hours. Apart from that, he can add different companies and all associated transactions under each company easily. This allows him to expand his business without worrying about adding a new accounting setup or hiring more people in that department for each company. 
  2. Add multiple users: The commission agent can comfortably add his accounting team and business partners under him on his ChargeERP account. Plus, he can give them different permissions to conduct various tasks and even view what each of them has done in real-time. 
  3. Add suppliers: ChargeERP has various sections dealing with tracking the daily purchases made from suppliers and the payment status of each of these transactions. 
  4. Add customers: Similar to the point above, ChargeERP tracks the sales made to customers in various mandis from each of the agent’s different companies. The payment status of each of these transactions is also recorded. 
  5. Track absent parties: The absent parties list allows the agent to take stock of all the suppliers and customers who haven’t interacted with his company over a period of up to a hundred days. This makes follow-ups much easier. 
  6. Track inventory: The agent can easily keep tabs on the items he deals in, as well as the number of crates and nugs for each item from his different companies. 
  7. Print bills and reports: ChargeERP allows the agent and the users he has added to quickly generate bills and reports in a professional-looking format at the click of a button. These can be sent to his customers and suppliers when required.
  8. WhatsApp integration: Thanks to this feature, the agent can get the bills and reports sent to his Whatsapp number from the software. He can then forward these to his business partners, customers, and suppliers. 

As you just saw, ChargeERP accounting software has been designed after taking into consideration every aspect of the commission agent’s business. Despite being incredibly easy to use, some users may still need a helping hand. To accommodate this, ChargeERP is giving free demos to those who require them. Please visit or dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo today.