Why Is A Regular Accounting Software Not Enough For Agricultural Trading?

Why agri trading requires specialized accounting software Agri trading requires specialized accounting software

A vegetable mandi is one of the most chaotic places you will ever see. The daily work that goes on behind the scenes is just as hectic, and commission agents play an important role here. Their work involves a lot of hustle, networking, coordination, and accounting to make even a single trade happen.

In the market yards, commission agents are the ones involved in the sale and purchase processes between the suppliers and the buyers. Hence, accounting happens on a daily basis. From maintaining accounting books to using any accounting software available in the market, commission agents strive to make their work easier. 

Why isn’t regular accounting software enough for agricultural traders, especially commission agents?

Traditional accounting software requires commission agents to install a particular software on their computers or laptops. Considering the amount of involvement they have in all the mandi trading, they need a platform that is not location-specific and device-specific and can be accessed from anywhere, even on the go.

With regular accounting software, also comes the headache of maintaining the existing servers, investing in new servers, and updating the software. However, commission agents would always be interested in a one-time investment platform.

Regular accounting software is designed for managing the finances of any business, not just of agricultural business. Some accounting platforms are so complicated that only accountants can understand and operate on them. Also, the terminologies used in regular accounting software may not resonate with the agri-trading business, thereby, making the lives of commission agents more difficult. 

Traditional accounting software will either have a limited number of modules, or a large number of modules, where a majority of those would be useless. However, a dedicated accounting platform will have all the modules meant for agri-business or commission agents. 

What kind of accounting platform does agricultural trading need?

ChargeERP is a dedicated platform for tracking down all the mandi sales and purchases in one place in the most effective way. Some of the exclusive benefits this accounting platform provides are given below.

End-to-end encryption – It helps this online accounting platform to store data safely on the cloud. This data will only be accessible to the agricultural traders using it. With this, ChargeERP ensures that its users enjoy paramount data security while using it.

Easy to use and accessChargeERP platform is extremely easy to use. One doesn’t require any technical expertise or accounting knowledge to operate on it. Unlike other accounting software, it is a website that anyone could access and operate on. No matter where they are located, which device they are working on, and at what time. 

Manage UserOn this platform, commission agents can manage all the users they have added to their company. They can be assigned certain permissions starting from viewing to editing and deleting. 

Agri-business specific sections – Unlike a regular accounting platform, it has specific sections to deal with every stage, an agri-trader or commission agent is involved in. For example, Arrivals section for managing all the arrivals of goods, Quick Sales for managing sales, and Bills & Reports for accessing all the bills and reports. 

Hope this article has given enough information on using the right accounting platform i.e ChargeERP for your agricultural business. Please visit www.chargeerp.com or dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo today.