ChargeERP – The Ideal Online Mandi Software For Commission Agents During Corona

ChargeERP mandi accounting software ChargeERP mandi accounting software - a boon for commission agents during corona

Regular lockdowns due to the pandemic have affected the day to day functioning of mandis in India. However, since procurement of commodities is an ongoing process, a skeleton staff with some commission agents are almost always present in the mandis. 

Many mandis have taken precautionary measures to ensure the safety of traders, labourers, and buyers. Apart from encouraging attendees to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and conduct cashless transactions as much as possible, APMCs are also actively cleaning, sanitizing, and installing washbasins in the mandis. However, this still doesn’t change the fact that despite all these precautions in place, mandis see people from out of town regularly and this puts everyone at risk. 

Opening up to technology

Most commission agents are slowly waking up to the benefits of moving some segments of their business online. Though various day to day mandi activities cannot be avoided, there are a few that can be moved online, accounting being one of them.

Commission agents employ accountants or munim to do their accounting work. This is time-consuming work and therefore the agents and munim risk spending more time in the mandis. Moving all accounting activities online can help solve this issue. 

Pros and cons of regular mandi software

Moving to mandi software is a step in the right direction. It immediately cuts down the office space and personnel requirements of traditional bookkeeping and saves a lot of time in the process. However, the problem with regular mandi software is that it is usually downloaded onto a system, and if the system in question is a desktop or laptop, then only the person who has access to the system can access the information.

Apart from that, installing mandi software on a computer is always risky, especially for something as sensitive as accounting information. There is the risk of theft, loss, and hardware malfunction – all of which can destroy years’ worth of data. 

The solution is to go online

ChargeERP is a pioneer in the field of online accounting. Unlike mandi software, ChargeERP is a secure website, where a Commission Agent can log in and record all his daily transactions. Apart from that, he can appoint Users under him who can log into the website from anywhere and work with appropriate permissions. 

Benefits of ChargeERP online accounting

A commission agent can reap countless benefits by opting for ChargeERP online accounting:

  • Access from anywhere: The commission agent can access his account from any device, at any time, provided he has a good internet connection. This means that he does not have to visit the mandi for accounting purposes. 
  • Collaborate better: The agent can sign up on ChargeERP and add the profiles of his munim, business partners, etc. under his account. This way he can have his entire team working online from home. 
  • Real-time analytics: ChargeERP online accounting is configured to display the latest updated details based on the inputs fed into it. This means that the agent can view his team’s work in real-time.
  • Download bills and reports: One of the best features of ChargeERP is that the agent can have the bills and reports sent to his phone directly from the website. He can then share this with his respective suppliers and customers over WhatsApp. Once again, an ideal solution for a time when printing facilities are not easily accessible. 

We believe that this is the next logical step for those who are already working on mandi software. If you are a commission agent, then this is the ideal time to switch to online accounting. All you need is a good internet connection and the website does half the work for you. To know more, sign up on or dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo today!