How Is ChargeERP A Boon For Commission Agents?

ChargeERP benefits for Commission Agents ChargeERP - helping commission agents with its various benefits

Visit an agricultural market or mandi and you’ll understand how crucial the role of commission agent (arhitya) is in agri-trading. Working from dusk till dawn, with both sellers and buyers, commission agents are also expected to do the accounting and book-keeping on a regular basis. And, due to the level of stress involved with keeping books, these agri-agents are now moving to online accounting for better management of their operations and transactions.

ChargeERP is exclusively designed for commission agents to increase the effectiveness of their mandi operations. The platform allows them to keep a track of their daily transactions, create invoices, record seller’s and buyer’s data, manage finances, do crate analysis, and a lot more. One of the major benefits of using this accounting platform is that one doesn’t require any technical and accounting expertise to operate on it. Plus, it is a user-friendly website, not downloadable software.

Benefits of using ChargeERP online accounting

Enjoy End-to-End Encryption

The vulnerability of online platforms to hacking has given rise to end-to-end encrypted platforms and ChargeERP online accounting is one of them. This advanced online accounting platform will store data safely on the cloud using end-to-end encryption that only the user can access. ChargeERP is among the few technology-based start-ups in India that ensure paramount data security, thus commission agents are highly recommended to use it.   

Easy recordkeeping & maintenance

With the help of ChargeERP, arhtiyas or commission agents can keep a record of all the companies that fall under them, in the Masters section of the website. Being Super User, they can add other Users to their business with certain permissions. Commission agents can also maintain the Items they deal in, the Crates they have, and the Stores they run in the Masters’ section itself. 

Apart from this, there is an Accounts section on this online accounting portal that allows arhtiyas to create and maintain new accounts for each supplier and customer. Apart from the names of suppliers, customers, and their personal details, they can also keep a track of the outstanding balance and credit limit.  

Keep track of purchases

Commission agents can easily keep tabs on all the commodities (items) they have purchased from the suppliers including farmers, loaders, or local traders. The Arrivals section on this online accounting platform allows them to store supplier’s details including the supplied items’ weight, total boxes/crates/bags received, and the net amount charged. The commission agents can even record whether the stock they received is a party stock or a self-purchased one. Supplier data can also be entered through the Daily Sale module.  

Keep track of sales

In the same manner, commission agents can easily maintain a record of all the sales they have made to their customers including wholesalers, aggregators, exporters, large retailers, etc. The Quick Sale section on this online accounting website stores all the sales entries such as Lot no., item name, total boxes or bags sold to the customer, and the amount received. Customer data can also be recorded through the Daily Sale module.

Take control over users

Once a user registers on the ChargeERP platform, he becomes the Super User. A Super User, who is generally a commission agent can add more users to operate on their company accounts. These users can be their employees or business partners. Super Users can give permissions to View, Create, Modify and Delete to the respective users. In short, super users will have control over all the users they have added and also, they enjoy global admin rights. 

Easy to use and access

ChargeERP online accounting platform is tailored according to a regular user’s needs. One doesn’t require any kind of technical and accounting expertise to operate on it. Just sign up or login and use it right away. Moreover, this is not software but a website that can be accessed from anywhere, and at any time. 

Bills, reports and their prints

The Bills and Reports section on this online accounting platform gives commission agents access to the bills of sellers and customers. Reports on how much money is collected from the customers and outstanding amounts can be generated here. The Absent party list will inform about the parties the user hasn’t interacted with for a long time. Not only can they access, but they can also download and take prints of these reports. Also, they can download and take prints of all the bills and reports. While the Club option allows them to combine the same priced item bills, the Average option will take the average rate of items. As it is will download the bill in the same manner.

Bonus feature

Users can share their bills and reports with suppliers, customers, and business partners anytime on WhatsApp. It’s easy, quick, and convenient. 

Considering all the above benefits, nothing can deny the fact that ChargeERP is the best accounting platform so far, for commission agents. In case you want to know more about this accounting website, you can book your free demo by dialing +91 9311341199 today or visiting