How ChargeERP Takes Into Consideration All Parties That Arthiyas Deal With Daily

ChargeERP helping commission agents with business ChargeERP - the online accounting software that understands the daily business needs of commission agents

Often misunderstood, commission agents or arhityas are actual heroes, at least for agri-produce sellers and buyers. There’s a lot more on their plates than just facilitating agri-trade between two parties and charging commissions on the sales they have made. Commission agents are involved at every stage, starting with cleaning and sorting of agricultural produce, to packing, displaying, and auctioning them. Hence, they need to keep tabs on a lot of information related to both the buyers and sellers. 

For very obvious reasons, it is almost impossible to keep such crucial and broad information on paper. However, ChargeERP online accounting can make it happen. This commission agent-centric online accounting helps in keeping a record of all interactions with buyers and suppliers, as well as the payments paid or received by them.

Here, we’ll discuss the people with whom commission agents (arhityas) deal on a daily basis and how ChargeERP online accounting can support them. 

Suppliers: Where they bring agri-produce to the commission agents

Farmers and loaders hand over their produce to the agent’s labourers in the mandi. After that, it becomes the commission agent’s responsibility to get the produce cleaned, sorted, and displayed for auctions. The auctioneer conducts the auction and the highest bidder wins the lot in the display. The commission agent gets a fixed commission.  However, if he has maintained a good relationship with the supplier, he can choose to self-purchase and sell the farms’ produce outside the APMC mechanism. 

Use of ChargeERP online accounting: Commission agents are required to keep a record of all the goods purchased and sold by them. ChargeERP online accounting will make it easier for them. To start with, commission agents have to create an account and as soon as they register, they become the Super User. Superusers have the right to add other users to operate on their company accounts with the permissions given by them.    

With the help of ChargeERP online accounting, commission agents can easily maintain data related to the availability of stock, the arrival of new stock, and the rates at which they are bought. In the Account module, they can keep a record of all suppliers and in the Arrivals modules, they can record new arrivals. The Daily Sales module will record new sales and purchases and can be accessed anytime they want. The commission agent can even record if the stock is Self-Purchase stock or a Party stock with the help of this online accounting.

Buyers: Where they purchase agri-produce from the Commission Agents

Buyers can be retailers, institutional buyers, distributors, or the government. As soon as the buyer wins the bidding, the goods are loaded on their trucks after being carefully packed and weighed by the commission agents. Additional charges like mandi fees, labor charges, commission percentage, etc. are levied on buyers by the commission agents before loading. 

Use of ChargeERP online accounting: This will also keep a record of all the purchasing done by a buyer in the Quick Sale & Daily Sale module. Also, this will store the Buyer’s information including his name, email address, company name, items purchased along with the item price, weight, etc. Additional charges can also be recorded here. 

As ChargeERP online accounting is specially created keeping the ease and convenience of commission agents in mind, it definitely scores over other ERP software available in the market today. ChargeERP online accounting stores all the data safely on the cloud with the help of end-to-end encryption. Also, the commission agents can easily access or take printouts of all the information stored, anytime they want.  So, what are you waiting for? Book your free demo by dialing +91 9311341199 today or visit right away!