How Agri Businesses Can Benefit From Online Accounting

Online accounting is mostly done on desktop. But ChargeERP allows usage on laptop, tablet and mobile also. Online accounting is mostly done on desktop. But ChargeERP allows usage on laptop, tablet and mobile also.

Better internet connectivity in rural areas, widespread use of regional languages, popularity of visual and video content, etc. have paved the way for digitization of the agricultural sector. Today, the enterprising agri trader can find digital solutions for every aspect of his business, from finance to accounting to trade. Since good accounting practices are directly tied to profits, this is one area that many agribusiness owners are keen to adopt.

Benefits of adopting online accounting solutions

Designed for agri business

Most accounting softwares used by agri traders like farmers, commission agents, etc. have been designed with their requirements in mind. The mandi accounting softwares used by commission agents, for example, even use mandi-specific words to make the process smoother. 

Designed for remote work

Due to corona, there is now an urgent requirement for technology that can reduce human interactions. Mandi  software which can be downloaded onto a system allows traders like commission agents to work from the relative safety of their homes. Going one step further, online accounting solutions like the ChargeERP website allows the commission agents to collaborate with their accounting team and business partners in real time. 

Designed for security

Recording valuable information like accounting information using the traditional bookkeeping method is risky. Storing all records on a computer using accounting software is the next step. But there is still the chance for data loss due to issues like computer theft, system crashes, etc. The ideal solution would be to securely store it online.  ChargeERP allows commission agents and their accounting team to log into the website and store all their information securely with end to end encryption. 

Designed for efficiency

Unlike regular bookkeeping, online accounting websites like ChargeERP update the records with every new input. This removes the need for tallying information and manually tracking all transactions. This can cut down the time taken for accounting work by almost 90%.

Designed for ease

Most people think accounting is a specialist job. However online accounting makes the process easy by automating the calculations and tallying. This way the user only needs to input all the information to get the final output instead of spending all day doing calculations.  

Designed for better business

ChargeERP allows the user to add businesses and team members to his account with the click of a button. This means that the accounting set-up does not delay the quick expansion of a business. Apart from this, it even generates bills and reports which can be downloaded and sent via WhatsApp to the suppliers and customers of the business on a daily basis.

As you just saw, going online is the next step in accounting. This is especially true from a safety perspective if you are a commission agent or a trader who has to spend hours in the mandi just to keep your accounts in order. Please visit or dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo today.