How Print And Whatsapp Sharing Feature of ChargeERP Help The Commission Agents?

Exclusive Whatsapp Feature Save Printing Cost. Share bills over whatsapp

ChargeERP started with the goal of creating a simple and easy-to-use platform for sabzi mandi. Apart from the sections dedicated to accounting, there are also a few features that have been added to make the user’s life easier. One of them is the Print and Whatsapp feature of ChargeERP.

How is the Print and whatsapp feature useful?

The print feature along with the several printing options provides the user with ease of comparison amongst several entries and lets them easily tally the reports that are most important. With this, the users can be sure that their reports are precise and up-to-date.

While the WhatsApp feature of the ChargeERP platform makes the transfer of Bills/Reports a convenient, functional, and enjoyable experience for our valuable user base of commission agents and merchants across India. They can easily receive and send the receipts related to every transaction at any time from anywhere in the country. This ultimate technology-based convenience has helped them greatly during the pandemic. Under strict conditions of nationwide lockdowns and spread of the deadly virus, ChargeERP gave its users a reliable and quick way of performing complex transactional tasks without having to step outside their homes.

What is the Print and Whatsapp feature?

This unique and simple feature of ChargeERP allows the user to print bills and reports on the ChargeERP platform and get it sent to them on their WhatsApp number.

Understanding the Print feature

To begin with, let’s first understand that in almost every module and page of the platform the “Print Receipt” option is present. On some pages, it gives the user different printing options, which the user can select as per their requirement.

These options are :

  1. Club: This option lets the user club and print the receipts of multiple entries with the same lot combination.
  2. Average: This option lets the user take a bill with an average of different rates of the same item-lot combination.
  3. As it is: The “As it is” option lets the user print the entries as they are.
  4. Individual: With this option, the user can print the bill for individual entries.

These print options make it supremely easy for the users to print their bills and reports on the ChargeERP platform.

Understanding the Whatsapp option

This simple and practical feature of the ChargeERP platform lets the user get instant reports on their WhatsApp number. By simply clicking ‘Yes’ on the popup question “Do you want the report over WhatsApp?” as you proceed to take the printouts of the bills or reports, the user can get the particular PDFs sent to their mobile phone.

ChargeERP is an advanced accounting platform helping Commission Agents and merchants all over India. To know more: Sign up at  or dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo today!